Sometimes great ideas come out of the simplest things

Since 2009, the Greeks have been struggling with the effects of the worst economic crisis in recent history. We have all been looking for a way out, whether individually or through collective efforts. These are the kind of moments that redefine who you are, and force you to take things from the start; even more so if you are born in a country which has deep roots in all aspects of human activity going back thousands of years. Can something good come out of something bad? Returning to traditional values might very well be the only alternative.

“We have developed what we love into a business model”

For our team, this was a “return” to Mother Earth. Our group of friends started walking around the Greek countryside, through mountains, rivers, plateaus, through the land of the planters. That’s how the “Pelasgaean Routes” were created.


We now regularly meet every weekend to walk and explore the paths of nature, always finishing these pleasant expeditions at a farm belonging to one of our members. The Pelasgaean Estate is now our hang-out. The food on the table comes from the fresh products that we have produced in our farm. Soon, we found that more and more friends were trying and liking these pure, authentic tastes. The rest came as a natural result. We have developed what we love into a business model.

The products of PELASGAEA are the extension of all these natural products that we ourselves taste every weekend. The difference is that our friends are now expanding in other countries too! Our aim is to make this way of living accessible to even more “friends”. Our vision is returning to a nature clear and pristine, and providing everyone with access to pure Greek products of impeccable quality.


Just get ready for a small bite of pleasure

The Greek diet (an expression of the Mediterranean diet or, more precisely the Cretan diet) has been proven to be truly beneficial to our health, wellbeing, and longevity. What’s even better? It’s also very tasty! Greek cuisine is more than mere food; it’s an experience.

All the products of PELASGAEA share one characteristic: they taste great! When we combine them with our food, we can transform any meal into an experience, a feast for the palate and the soul – be it a personal moment or the company of friends.

And you can be one of our friends, after all! Whether you are in the coldest town of the North, or in a tropical Asian locale, you will find that some of the Greek sun, the fresh wind, the dry aroma of herbs, and the sheer pleasure of life have travelled through our products to you, as a sensory experience. In the end, what we bring to your table can be described as a small bite of happiness, a small bite of delicious happiness!


Introducing our premium line of products

For our first line of products, we have chosen the brand name Anthia. It’s an ancient Greek name that means blossom, flower. It was an appellation of the goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus. Among the symbols depicting Hera were a variety of flowers and plants, symbolizing Nature’s blessing. Since we consider the olive tree, the olive oil and its by-products to be the blossom of food and a blessing of Nature, we thought that Anthia was a perfect name for our line of products.


The Anthia Family currently consists of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Paste and Balsamic Vinegar. We have made sure that all our farmer partners follow the traditional and sustainable cultivation methods, and work under the guidance of expert collaborating scientists, so that we can guarantee the consumer products of unsurpassable quality. Welcome to the Anthia collection of premium quality products!


The past that defines us, the vision that drives us


PELASGAEA is a newly formed company that aims to promote Greek agricultural products which support the values of the Mediterranean diet. The name PELASGAEA comes from the phrase “land of the Pelasgeans”, Gaea meaning earth. The Pelasgeans, the ancestors of the ancient Greeks, used to live in this land, often wandering around, in search of the environment best suitable for survival. Originating from the Pelasgeans, and from a land famous for its civilization, its traditions, its climate, its sun, and its tastes, we feel our priority is to promote high-quality Greek products with an added gastronomic value, as well as a healthier way of living.


In PELASGAEA, we believe that all consumers deserve and should be able to enjoy a variety of Greek traditional products created with love, passion and -most of all- with pure materials. This is what we aim to provide, always in line with tradition, quality, consistency, continuous control, and respect for the environment. Our goal is to export premium quality Greek agricultural products to international markets and unveil Greek gastronomy abroad, so that more and more people can enjoy their own gastronomic journeys, following the rich-flavored and tasty “Pelasgaean Routes”.


We believe in offering nothing but the best in terms of both quality and taste. We have made sure that all the products of PELASGAEA are accompanied with the necessary certifications and chemical analyses.

The whole production process, from farming, to milling, to bottling, is regularly controlled and checked by special Certification Organizations like AGROCERT (Agricultural Products Certification and Supervision Organization) for our extra virgin olive oil and DIO (Certification & Inspection Organization of Organic Products) in the case of our organic olive oil.

Our products come in an attractive, modern design and an innovative packaging that includes a practical award-winning verso cap for controlled flow. Furthermore, it has been carefully selected to ensure product safety and optimum maintenance, and to comply with EU regulations (29/2012).


In order to assure long term quality of its products and services, Pelasgaea S.A. follows and implements quality standards from the production process to the delivery process. Below are listed our certifications from worldwide recognized organizations.

  • ISO 22000:2005
  • DIO Organic certification (EC) No 834/2007
  • AGROCERT certification
  • FDA food facility registered
  • D&B D-U-N-S registered


When you find something you are passionate about, you can never go wrong

The people of PELASGAEA, the founders, food enthusiasts, collaborating producers, scientists, experts etc., comprise a team with in-depth knowledge and great experience in agricultural products. Diversity of backgrounds, knowledge and age among us is the key to success. Our team shares the same vision, philosophy and passion: a love of the land, a respect for nature, and a commitment to superior quality.

At Ag. Dimitrios, Argolida, in the foothills of mountain Arachnaio, between Asklipiio Epidaurus and Mycenae, lies our olive press mill. Having quality Assurance Certificates (ISO 22000:20005), machinery of latest technology and under the guidance of experts, we guarantee the final product that is delivered to our consumer.

The privately owned olive groves of Arglolida, where thrives the olive variety “Manaki”, number about 10.000 olive trees. The olives that gathered from the privately owned olive groves and from the cooperating producers with the traditional way, are delivered the same day for oil extraction. We process the olives under “Cold extraction”, with the temperature to be always lower than 27o C, without adding water during the phase of kneading and centrifuge. The olive press mill is working in two phases:  The olive paste is separated into oil and mass, as a result the water-soluble phenolic content of the olive oil is not rinsed with water therefore we drastically reduce waste and environmental contamination. The annual production of olive oil ranges between 500-800 tons. In the context of improving logistics, we are planning the expansion of olive oil extraction lines and the upgrading of our olive oil bottling section.

Our company also has olive groves in the region of Fthiotida and Kalamata and is cooperating with certified olive oil mills and bottling companies, keeping under control all stages of production and bottling.

At the same time, PELASGAEA keeps investing and expanding our own olive groves in a continued effort to improve our quality, to create new products according to our consumers’ demands and, also, to preserve and respect our natural environment.

As such, we can guarantee an unprecedented taste experience that will guide you to a healthy way of living. Welcome to the “Pelasgaean Routes”, where you can explore and taste the goodness of Greek food!