Mother Gaea has been very generous and rewarded our efforts

The new harvest period 2014-15 is almost at the end. Mother Gaea has been very generous and rewarded our efforts.  The olive groves were full of fruits and with respect and gratitude we have started collecting them since middle of October.  Our mill in Argolida for the last two months is working day and night, in order to cover all requirements of correct oil extraction, which has to be done within the same day of olives collection. Having overpassed already the 400 tons of extra virgin olive oil, we continue our efforts, in order for all of our producers to be able to entrust with us their efforts of a whole year.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Anthia, has been created with love and care and is being stored in our tanks with all food safety standards.  Already some consumers have tried our new production, since our first exports have been concluded to Austria, Belgium, Slovakia, Lithuania, Russia and USA.

We, the Pelasgaea team continue our efforts, steadily focused to the quality, consistency, continuous controls and respect to the environment, in order the extra virgin olive oil Anthia to be soon available to more consumers.

We hope soon to be on your dining table, in order to enjoy a small bite of happiness, a small bite of delicious happiness!