The Greeks daily use olive oil. The olive oil we choose has a pleasant taste and fruity aromas

We choose only Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is rich in vitamins E and A. The packaging must be either dark glass bottles or tin canisters up to 5 liters. The dark colored bottles prevent the light and hence the oxidation (rancidity) of olive oil. The package size is also important, since a large packaging will take some time to be consumed and the olive oil that will be left in the tin canister will be exposed to oxygen. We do not forget to close tightly the cap of the packaging after each use.

We prefer to buy branded extra virgin olive oil, where the name of the standardization company is clearly stated together with the expiration date. Buying large packaging from an anonymous producer may have a small financial benefit, but does not guarantee the quality, since is open to fraud and we are not sure that is standardized and preserved properly. The eponymous standardization company makes all the necessary laboratory testing analyses and it is subject to controls by local authorities. We are therefore sure we are buying extra virgin olive oil, as indicated on the label.

Olive oil is a delicate product, thus in order to be keep it “alive” we should also pay attention to the way we store it at home. The standardized olive oil can be preserved from 12 to 18 months under some simple conditions:

  • Must not come into contact with sunlight and air. We store the tin canisters in a cool and dark place without humidity.
  • It must be kept at room temperature (10-15Ο C)
  • Kept tightly closed at opaque bottles or tin canisters
  • Consumed before the expiration date printed on the packaging

The quality of olive oil is determined by its origin. The soil, climate, variety, method of cultivation, harvest, oil extraction and the way of keeping the olive oil at the points of sale are elements that define the final product quality until it reaches the consumer. The proper way of storing it at home, ensures that we enjoy the extra virgin olive oil that we have chosen, until the last drop.

In order for you to enjoy every day, moments of tasty pleasure when you choose an ANTHIA extra virgin olive oil, we guarantee the quality, resulting from the correct oil extraction, laboratory testing, ISO certified standardization and preservation.