On Sunday the 27th of September our company started the new olive oil season 2015-2016

October 1st is the day when the harvest of olives begins in most olive producer states (North Italy, Sicily, Croatia, Spain, and Portugal). It is known that the sought-after and valuable substances, the polyphenols, are in great quantity in the extra virgin olive oil when the olive fruit is not yet mature. It is scientifically proven that the polyphenols protect the human body and are very important for the oil itself, since they protect it from oxidation.

On Sunday the 27th of September our company started the new olive oil season 2015-2016. The day was sunny and the olive trees were rich in fruits. The uniqueness of Greek olive oil and its high quality are due not only to the microclimate of each region nor in the different varieties but more importantly in the traditional harvest method. For thousands of years all over Greece, we harvest the olives in the same traditional way. We lay big nets beneath the olive trees, then we collect the olives one by one by hand or we collect them from the branches with a special comb.

The same afternoon, in our mill, at a temperature below 25 ° C we extracted the oil from the sacred fruit. After a while we finally enjoyed our reward and tasted our fresh extra virgin olive oil from Manaki variety and Koroneiki variety with their unique aromas and their taste of freshly pressed olives. At Pelasgaea, in order to produce quality products, we know that the production of a quality extra virgin olive oil requires a proper harvest method and an immediate oil extraction from the fruit.

At the international exhibition Anuga, held in Cologne from the 10th to the 14th of October 2015, our guests and customers will have the opportunity to taste the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Anthia new crop 2015-2016. The new olive season 2015-2016 has started! The new olive oil production appears to be higher in quantity than last year and we guarantee that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Anthia will be this year once more of high quality.